Flameless Pool Noodle Christmas Candle

DIY Flameless Christmas Candles Made From Pool Noodles


Summer was coming to an end and I had already started to work on holiday DIY projects. My neighbor saw me sitting outside, putting together one of my projects and asked what I was making. I was painting an ornament at the time and we began to discuss other Christmas crafts. She then told me about one of her favorite holiday projects – making flameless candle centerpieces from pool noodles! She showed me a picture of the finished project and said they were a hit at parties. All it takes is a few cuts to a pool noodle, some ribbon and flameless candles and you have an easy holiday centerpiece!


  • Red or green pool noodle
  • Paring knife
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Flameless candles or decorative tealights
  1. Using your knife, carefully cut three different size candles from your pool noodle (I cut a 5-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch piece).
  2. Your flameless candles may not fit inside the top of your pool noodle.  To make them fit, trace your hole with the candle you intend on using, then carefully cut your hole.  Make sure the hole will snugly hold your candle and cut again, if necessary.
  3. Gather your pool noodle candles together and wrap then with Christmas ribbon.  Tie the ribbon into a bow at the center.
  4. Insert your flameless candles into each hole.  If using flameless candles, you can switch them on before displaying.  If using wax tealights, please do not light them inside of the pool noodle.  Use them for decoration only.

Make holders for your candles with old pool noodles!

Because pool noodles are quite long, you can make multiple bundles of candles from just one pool noodle.  If you’re entertaining this holiday season, consider making your table “merry and bright” by setting these out as centerpieces and allowing guests to take them home at the end of the night. 

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