Bookroo: A Subscription Box Every Kid Needs

A review of Bookroo and why we think it’s a subscription box that every kid needs.  No compensation was received for this post. I received product in order to complete this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

For as long as I can remember, I loved to read. There’s something about curling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and losing yourself in the pages for an hour or two. Even before I was pregnant with Lily, I knew I wanted to pass that on to any children we might have.

And now that she’s here, story time has become one of my favorite times. And I think, now that she’s getting older, it’s one of her favorite times as well. Every time we sit down in her glider, she knows where to look for the books and she glances over there, waiting to see what I pull out.

We started our family library before she was born and it was fairly small. We’d pick up a book here and there or a family member would gift us one, but they were rarely board books. And it also didn’t take long for us to be reading the same books every week since we read stories a few times a day. Unfortunately, we also ended up with a couple of duplicates pretty quickly as well.

That’s where Bookroo comes in.

An image of the Bookroo logo

Bookroo is a monthly subscription box that delivers hardcover books and board books straight to your doorstep every month. Boxes with picture books come with 2 hardcover books while boxes with board books come with 3 books.

Pre-screened quality books:

And they don’t just deliver the books – they review them, too. From Bookroo‘s website:

“Our goal is to send hidden gems rather than classics. Our books are extensively reviewed by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University and their combined 22 kids. They rate each book on a 7 point scale and on its re-readability. Books that emerge as clear winners are sent out in our Bookroo boxes.”

Awesome, right? I was super grateful for this alone because our library is plenty full of Dr. Seuss books! And if you do happen to already have a book they send you, you can get $5 off your next subscription by snapping a photo and sending it to them. Love that!

Age ranges that Bookroo is great for:

We opted for the board books for Lily as they’re more durable for her. These boxes are geared towards ages 0-2.5. The picture books boxes are geared towards children 2.5-6. If you have children in both age groups and want books for both, Bookroo has you covered! You can get an alternating subscription or a discount on a secondary subscription. 
Banner with the Bookroo logo and a picture book box with To the Sea and Blue Chicken picture books.

Our experience with Bookroo:

First off, can I just say that I love that all of the books come gift wrapped? Such a simple, but sweet touch! Lily hasn’t quite gotten the full hang of opening gifts yet, but it’s super fun to help her unwrap them.

Our first box included the following books:

  • Where Are The Bears?
  • I Can Play
  • Little Pea

Where Are The Bears? is a lift-a-flap counting book and Lily loves waiting to see what’s under the flap every time. I Can Play is another awesome choice because it’s so interactive. We stick our fingers through the holes to mimic the legs and arms right now, but I know she’ll love doing it herself when she’s older. Little Pea follows a little pea who has to eat candy every day and enjoys spinach for dessert. Too cute!

All of these books were absolutely fantastic for her. They are all on the top of our book stack now because she has such a fun time with them. Plus, they are all definitely books we hadn’t heard of before which is awesome. 

Final thoughts on Bookroo

Honestly, I think Bookroo is something every kid should have. It’s inexpensive and it’s also a wonderful gift. Especially for those not wanting to add more clutter with toys to their home while promoting more family time. Between the pre-screening and the wrapped books, it truly feels like a special gift for your little one(s) every month. I would absolutely recommend it!

Plus you can save $10 on your order!

Just use code HELLONATURE at checkout

Picture of an adorable picture book called Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear. Text says Books for your kids. Curated. Wrapped. Delivered. Get 15% off today at