5 Pinterest Tips You Need

5 Pinterest Tips You Need

Please welcome Laura and her first post on the blog! She’s sharing her top five Pinterest tips and how to use it to get major results.

Five Pinterest Tips You NeedIf you want to be serious about blogging, there’s one thing you absolutely need: pinterest. Pinterest is becoming the top referral for bloggers everywhere and you don’t want to miss out. It’s safe to say that most people know about pinterest, but do you know how to be smart at pinning and how to really gain the best results from pinterest? 

1. Pin it Button

Having a pin it button on your blog is essential and the best way to get the best results from your blog to pinterest. If you can’t get your content onto pinterest, you’ll never have a clear shot and being successful at pinterest. There’s plenty of pre-made “Pin it” buttons or you can make your own and install it. 

2. Have “Pin” Worthy Photos

Pinterest plays its hand to favor vertical ones, like the one in this post. You always want something that is fresh and clean. White backgrounds are always your best bet when taking pictures, but not a necessity. Make sure your photos are clear and concise as well. I had a post that went “Pin viral” earlier this year and the picture was actually pretty bad, the lighting was off and it was blurry, but it took off before I really realized just how bad the photo was. 

3. Have a Strategy

I’m iffy on this one as far as executing it, but I’ve seen a major uptick in pinterest followers by constantly pinning. I currently use a program called Viral Tag that schedule pins. You do have to pay, but it’s so nice to sit down for an hour and schedule pins for four or five days. 

4. Take Topics You Love and Expand

I love blogging, but I can’t blog about everything possible. There are some topics that I don’t blog about yet I still pin them. Similarly, I have my own blog tips series and still have dozens of pins from other bloggers with tips. Be willing to share others to expand your horizons.

5. Have Fun!

The truth is, if you don’t enjoy the pins you’re pinning, why would anyone else? Pinterest is a great way to build traffic and catch new readers, but if you don’t enjoy the other things you pin, why would you want to go build traffic there? 

what are your top Pinterest tips?

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