How To Get A White Background for Your Photos

How To Get A White Background For Your Photos

How To Get a White Background For Your PhotosAs a Blogger and Entrepreneur, I’ve learned to be decent at a lot of little things. Not great, and definitely not exceptional – but decent. I share my knowledge as much as I can, like in my blogging tips and small business posts, but I’m no expert in these areas. I’m constantly working to improve my skills in a lot of areas, but that doesn’t happen over night. And that is definitely the case with my photography.

I’ve taken a small course on photography, got a fancy camera, read a few books, and there are still way too many buttons and options that I don’t understand so I’m still learning. I take pictures and sometimes they turn out great which is awesome. Sometimes they suck which is kind of expected. So when it comes to trying to have professional-like photos for my blog and shop, I’m not above taking all the help I can get.

Which is exactly where Fotofuze comes in. (By the way, nope – not a sponsored post at all. I just love them.) FotoFuze is a pretty much my dream come true. What takes FotoFuze five minutes to do takes me an hour to do on my own so I wanted to share just how easy it is to use with everyone because it’s one of my biggest timesavers!

A little about them

FotoFuze lets you make professional product photography out of ordinary photographs from ordinary cameras. For free – woohoo! (Or pay for more extensive features if you wish!)

Not only that, but FotoFuze gives half of everything it makes to Charity. If you do pay, you get some great perks AND get to select the charity you wish to support. Awesome, right?

The crazy easy, super quick process

All I did to the original photo was brighten it in Photoshop before I took it over to FotoFuze. (You could do this with pretty much any editing program though.)  Then I went over to Fotofuze and uploaded the photo. Used the magic highlighter, selected everything I wanted in the image and let it fuze the photo. Voilá! All set for you to use in just a couple of minutes without much effort.

And it gets better for Etsy Shop Owners

If you link your Etsy account, you can edit the photos you already have uploaded and/or upload your new photos to Etsy right from their site. No need to create the photo, download it and then upload it on Etsy which saves a ton of time.

Now I know if I took the time to properly light my photos, learn all the features of my camera and learned more about Photoshop I could skip needing to use them. But FotoFuze is free and quick – I can’t say no to that.

And if photography still isn’t your thing, check this out:

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