Apps to Road Trip With

4 Apps To Road Trip With

As a college student, I make a road trip about once a month to go back home and escape college life for a little while. Three and a half hours of driving through podunk towns isn’t as fun as it may sound, so I’ve had to learn how to make my travel time easier. Today, I’m sharing four that I have on my iPhone that I absolutely need for any road trip.

4 Apps To Road Trip With

1. Spotify (or any music app)

I pay for premium, so I can download songs to my phone. When you spend three hours in a car alone, singing definitely makes it go faster. I also have a little FM transmitter than can wirelessly hook your phone up to your radio in your car and sing along. 

2. Waze

Waze is kind of like google maps, but cooler. The interface is built on user interaction, so if you get stuck in a backup for a car accident, you can report it. While I don’t use it to report (gotta stay safe while driving,) I really love that it warns you about things coming up – like a car stalled on the side of the road or a cop. 

3. Weather Radio

This one is cool because it will let you know about weather alerts in your area. Because I live in Texas, you never know when a storm is going to pop up and produce a tornado, so while this app isn’t used as much, it’s a blessing when it is used. 

4. Gas Buddy

I am in love with this app. If you haven’t heard of it by now, it’s an app that uses your location to find the cheapest gas around you. While I live only half a gas tank away, it’s such a blessing, no matter where you go! I mean, who doesn’t want cheaper gas? 

So, these are my 4 apps to road trip with, so now, I ask, what are your apps you need for your trips?