30 Before 30 + A BIG Announcement


So I have been counting down to this day for months now. I didn’t even know that today would be the day at the time, honestly. I kept telling myself “well, I want to wait until this happens.” And then it happened and I told myself “well, maybe after this happens.” And now, all of those things have happened and I’m ready to explode with the news. So I thought today was as good of day as any! 

So without further adieu . . .

I’m pregnant!

I’ll be entering my second trimester next week and I can’t even put into words how excited we are about this.

2015 was a rough year for us with our loss, but it ended on a high note with me finding out I was pregnant just days before Thanksgiving. The baby is due in July and so far, it’s been a fairly easy pregnancy which I’m incredibly grateful for. The hardest part has been my anxiety over another loss, but it’s gotten easier as we’ve hit certain milestones.

I do plan to share more on the blog from time to time as this is such a huge part of our lives now. I’m also terrible at holding things in that I want to share. But, while I do have a redesign and rebrand in the works for the blog, I have zero plans to shift gears into baby/kids-only content. I love what I write about now and plan to continue doing what I do with some tiny additions with our tiny human :)

But that’s not the only reason today is such a fantastic day! I’m 29 today and I’m pretty excited to share my 30 before 30 list with you! I should have started it much sooner, but since I didn’t, I made the goals a little bit more manageable. I have a lot of goals for the next year and I’m hoping I’ll be able to accomplish them even with our new addition. If you have one of your own lists for before your next birthday, definitely link to it in the comments – I’d love to see what you’re hoping to do by your next birthday!

  1. Learn basic Spanish for our travels
  2. Write an e-book
  3. Create 1 vlog
  4. Plant a tree (or two or three)
  5. Build our garden
  6. Make sushi
  7. Decorate the baby’s room
  8. Learn the art of freezer meals
  9. Start Project Life
  10. Learn my camera enough to spend less time editing + more time picture taking
  11. Visit the Apostle Islands
  12. Purge/declutter our entire house
  13. Make homemade ice cream
  14. Create an exercise regimen that I stick to
  15. Unplug for at least 8 weekends
  16. Learn how to meditate
  17. Learn how to fix a common household problem
  18. Have a baby
  19. Make French macarons
  20. Turn our upstairs into usable space year-round
  21. Learn to use my sewing machine
  22. Overcome a fear of mine
  23. Pay it forward at least 12 times
  24. Visit Lake Superior
  25. Get a professional headshot
  26. Make a fancy decorated cake for a holiday
  27. Hike at least ten new trails
  28. Landscape our backyard
  29. Visit at least ten new cities
  30. Compile a 40 before 40 list (so I have a bit more time to complete things!)


what are/were your must-dos before you hit 30?