30 Acts of Kindness : November Challenge

This is one of my favorite times of the year, specifically when it comes to kindness. November is all about giving for me and I am so excited to be doing this challenge this month.

Before we dive into the 30 acts of kindness for November, here’s a review of how October went for me.

October Kindness Challenge Review

Goal: 10 acts of kindness | Actually achieved: 8 acts of kindness

My hope was to overachieve and get to 15, but instead, I didn’t quite hit my goal.  I definitely think I had the opportunity to meet my goal and then some, but that didn’t happen. While I feel like I should be disappointed, I actively thought about being kind on a regular basis. I was much more intentional about it and felt like I was trying to be kind – not just accidentally or unintentionally being kind.

I’m scheduling this a few days in advance as we’re going to Mexico (I should be on the beach right now!) so I’m hoping I can make up the rest of those on our trip.

30 Acts of Kindness : November Challenge

  1. Donate to a local food pantry
  2. Volunteer for a worthy cause
  3. Start a gratitude journal
  4. Shop handmade on Black Friday
  5. Make someone their favorite meal
  6. Donate a coat
  7. Compliment a cashier
  8. Give yourself a yes day
  9. Pay for someone’s meal
  10. Thank a veteran
  11. Show your gratitude to a loved one
  12. Jot down 30 great things about yourself
  13. Give something to a homeless person
  14. Let someone else have the parking spot
  15. Donate to Toys for Tots
  16. Invite someone new over for a meal
  17. Make someone a handmade gift
  18. Email an old friend
  19. Donate to a local resue or animal shelter
  20. Thank you local police or firemen
  21. Thank your delivery drivers
  22. Leave unused coupons at the store
  23. Let someone checkout before you
  24. Bake something for a friend or loved one
  25. Return someone’s cart for them
  26. Compliment a loved one
  27. Send flowers to someone
  28. Hold the door for someone
  29. Celebrate world kindness day (Nov 13)
  30. Leave kind notes in library books

* Note – some of these are the same as last month. While I would love to do 30 different acts of kindness each month, I feel like many are worth repeating and that’s a lot of different acts of kindness. I also don’t feel like the same act of kindness means any less the second time around :)

November Kindness Challenge Goal

Goal: 15 acts of kindness

I’m going to try and push myself a bit more this month so I’m aiming for 15. My plan is to do a few of these things in conjunction with another!

Here is what I’ll be doing all month long:

  • Using this list, my goal is to complete at least 15 of these acts during the month of November More is always better, but this is what I’m confident I can semi-easily complete.
  • I’ll be sharing them on the blog + on social media when I complete them, using the hashtag #HNKindness

If you want to join me, here is what you can do!

  • Download the printable below
  • Commit to however many acts you feel like you can complete.
  • Share your completed acts and interact with the hashtag #HNKindness on social media or in the comments of this post.

Easy peasy!

I’d love to have you join me in this challenge. I feel like kindness is contagious and my hope is that I (or we!) can mindfully spread it around like glitter!

download the November acts of kindness here

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