Why I Blog


This is such a personal question to me. There are so many reasons that one can fill in the blank that follows “I blog because” and I think that’s what makes blogging so beautiful. Even for those that do it for purely personal reasons, with no hope to gain followers or money or anything short of an easy place to document something – there is still a multitude of answers that can follow that question. Each of which makes everyone’s story so unique. And I love knowing that reason. I feel like it gives an insight as to what a post may be meant to accomplish, or why a story is shared (or maybe even why a story is omitted), or where the writer’s heart was when they dumped their feelings into their keyboard.

Seeing as I put such importance in something like this, I think it’s only fair that I share my reason. Not only to share with you, the wonderful readers of this blog, but to remind myself of why I’m here and what I’m trying to accomplish.

And my answer is fairly simple: I blog to connect.

To connect myself with the world and everything it has to offer. To connect myself with like-minded individuals. To connect to people that have suffered similar losses and overcome similar obstacles. To connect with people that challenge me to work harder, be better, dream bigger, and live smarter. To connect with people on similarities and even sometimes differences. To connect with people on deeper levels that sometimes lead to heartbreaking revelations. To connect with people in ways that remind myself (and others) that we’re not alone in how we feel.

Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing that you share a common goal, like weight loss or house projects.

Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing that someone, somewhere is having a similar day to you.

Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing that there is someone that understands even a small percentage of what makes you who you are.

Sometimes it’s as simple as finding inspiration from someone else’s meal for your dinner that evening. Or inspiration from someone’s outfit for your date night. Or inspiration for your next family trip from someone’s last vacation photos.

But other times it’s incredibly difficult. Heart-wrenching even. Because sometimes it’s learning that someone else suffers the way you do and even though you take comfort in knowing you’re not alone, you know how awful it feels and you wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Finding a way to connect with someone in a way that two people should never connect becomes so bittersweet and emotional, but it’s still impossible to look beyond the fact that it’s not just you. That you weren’t the only one dealt this shitty hand in life and that someone else knows exactly what you’re going through without you even having to explain a single thing.

And then there’s the in between moments, where it’s not simple or hard. It’s just life. Another person, sharing their story while you share yours, and a middle ground that makes both stories connect in a way that feels like it was kismet.

All of these moments, plus hundreds of other moments that fill in all of the gaps, are the reasons behind why I blog. And as an introvert, this blog is the perfect place for me to form all of these connections.

But now I want to know . . .

why do you blog?