Tohi Complete Relief: A Must for Tension Relief

Spring is just around the corner and that means a couple of things are almost here: spring cleaning and outdoor exercise! I look forward to both every year.

I love decluttering our home and starting anew. I also have so much appreciation for getting outside after being cooped up over the winter. By mid-summer, that appreciation is loooong gone and is usually replaced with a bit of hatred towards the humidity.

But spring cleaning and a jump-start to my exercise routine usually mean one thing: sore muscles.

And one of my least favorite things in life is when I have an awesome workout or cleaning session, only to have to keep it low-key the next day (or even worse, next couple of days) because I’m aching.

I’m all about making my workout recovery a little easier so I’m excited to try an awesome product from Rocky Mountain Oils: Tohi Complete Relief Muscle Rub.

Overworked muscles will be able to get the relief they need with this muscle rub. It soothes and relaxes muscles and joints with cooling and then warming sensations. It has powerful natural ingredients including: peppermint, wintergreen, ginger, and clove essential oils.

It also includes arnica and capsicum. Arnica is a powerful herb that helps relieve common aches and pains including bruising and swelling. Capsicum stems from bell peppers that are rich in vitamin C and help protect cells from further damage.

Now I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but I think I will be amazing based off of the reviews. With the fantastic deal they have going on right now, I think now is the time to get it, too! Between now and February 20th at 11:59PM MST, they have a Buy One Tohi Complete Relief Muscle Rub, Get One True Blue 10ml Roll-On for FREE.

We LOVE the True Blue essential oil. It’s one of my go-to soothing essential oils. And these sound like a match made in heaven when it comes to helping with general pain relief. Plus, a little of each of these goes a long way with these products so I shouldn’t have to restock for awhile.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Tohi Complete Relief Muscle Rub if you’ve tried it!

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