Thrive: My Word for 2016


It took a long time for me to figure out my word for 2016. Every year, I usually find it within a couple of words. This year? At least ten, probably closer to twenty.

2016 is going to be such a big year for us and I felt like I needed a big word to accommodate that. Something that would fit every aspect of my life and be able to grow with me. 

So when I came across the word thrive, I knew it was the one.

Whether it was with our work goals, my marriage, personal goals, etc – I just want to thrive in everything that we do this year. I don’t want to do anything half-assed. And I don’t want to do things that I can’t thrive in. Even if I have to work hard to do it, I want it to be worth thriving in.

I’m excited for this year’s word and I think it’s going to help me make 2016 my best year yet. 

do you choose a word every year? if so, what is your word for 2016?