Simplifying The First Thousand Days of a Child’s Life

Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it, especially when we’re welcoming that bundle of joy into our life. Use these ideas to simplify the time between preconception and toddlerhood.

This post has been sponsored by Rainbow Light but all opinions are my own.

Life doesn't have to be as complicated as we make it, especially when we're welcoming that bundle of joy into our life. Use these ideas to simplify the time between preconception and toddlerhood. #FirstThousandDays #Prenatal #MomLife #Postnatal #Pregnancy

The longer I’m a mom, the more I long for simplicity.

Simple meals, simple vacations, simple toys, simple days… those are the things I live for right now. Some of the stress comes from dealing with the terrible twos and some of it comes from things like work or just being an adult.

A lot of the stress used to come from what felt like a need to overcomplicate things at times. Thankfully, I’ve gotten so much better about it in the past two years, but it took a lot of effort.

I’m not a perfectionist nor am I much of a “need to have it all” type of person, but when I became pregnant with Lily, it’s like I had a switch flipped. I suddenly needed the perfect things for Lily. And I needed alllll of the perfect things.

While I managed to find some restraint, the struggle was real. I wanted everything to be just right when I was pregnant and when she came home. These thoughts filled my sleepless nights and spilled into my exhausted days.

Did we have everything we need?

Was I doing something that could hurt her?

What if something goes wrong?

One of the biggest things I struggled with was my supplements and diet. I had never found supplements that fit in my price range, had good reviews, came from a reputable brand, or ones that I didn’t end up tasting hours later.

What I wish I would have had was the First Thousand Days multivitamin line from Rainbow Light. From preconception to the second birthday, they’ve got the perfect multivitamin line that eases the stress of nutrients needed during these important times. It’s the first multivitamin line that is customized for each stage of pregnancy.

This would have helped me immensely! I never felt confident in what I was consuming and that only added to the stress.

Rainbow Light’s Vibrance for the First Thousand Days multivitamin line specifically formulates each stage – preconception, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, and postnatal – for the changing needs of mom and baby. On top of that, they have NutriStart Plus for babies. This multivitamin powder has a neutral taste and can be mixed into formula, applesauce, yogurt, or cereal for children 6 months to 24 months.

This line takes the guesswork out of trying to find the perfect vitamins for each stage and ensures you’re able to better enjoy these thousand days. Not only that, but Rainbow Light is an active member of the Non-GMO project – meaning these multivitamins are GMO-free. And considering October is Non-GMO month, it seems like a great time to learn about living non-GMO as well.

But in addition to simplifying your vitamin regimen, there is so much more you can do to simplify your life and your child’s life – especially in the early stages.

Trust Your Gut

It can be tough, but trusting your gut – especially when it comes to your little one – is so important. You know what’s best for you and your child. You know them better than anyone else out there. You know your environment, their struggles, their personality, their signs, your body etc. If you feel like something is wrong, take the necessary steps to figure out what it is. And if you don’t think something is wrong, but someone else is making you think otherwise – a second opinion might be needed. Or maybe they just need to be ignored.

Get Only What You Need

Weeks before Lily was born, our doctor asked us if we were ready for her at home. I don’t remember our answer, but I remember her response. “The only things a baby needs are: a car seat, a place to sleep, and diapers.”

It can’t be that simple, I thought.

But it was.

The fancy crib we got, the extra baby blankets, the baby monitor, the variety of bottles, the extra outfits – none of it mattered. She hated her crib, hated being swaddled, hated clothes, never drank from a bottle, and we slept within view of her every night.

Depending on your circumstances, this may not be everything you need. But it shouldn’t be much more. Take the stress of getting ALL THE THINGS and find out what you need after the baby arrives. As long as they have those basics, they can wait a day or two for the rest if they need it.

And if you’re past the pregnancy or newborn stage, they don’t need much more as they grow older. If you want to give them more of anything, more love is always a great option.

Ask For Help

Find out what you’re struggling with and ask for help. You don’t have to have someone stay with you if you don’t want it, although many do (we didn’t.) Ask for help with meals, cleaning, and laundry from friends or family. And if you don’t live close enough to anyone to ask for help, considering paying for it. Hire a cleaner, take your clothes to laundromats that wash and fold, or order takeout. Even if it’s for a week or two or four while you focus more on enjoying life.

When Lily was born, we stockpiled on easy meals. Freezer meals and healthy snacks were life-savers. So if you have time to prep, that’s another great option.

But this isn’t just for the newborn stage, either. The newborn stage was nothing compared to the toddler stage. I need more help now than I did when she was a few months old. I’m not above asking for help or indulging in takeout so we can focus on our family even at this age.

I hope these tips have helped you simplify your life, whether you’re just starting out your journey as a mom or are already pretty experienced. Wherever you are in motherhood, be sure to learn more about the Rainbow Light Vibrance for the First Thousand Days so you can nourish yourself and your child.