How to Protect Your Eyes During Summer Activities

This post was sponsored by Think About Your Eyes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my review. You may think you just need to protect your skin, but you also need to protect your eyes during Summer as well. Here are easy ways to do so all Summer long!

How to Protect Your Eyes During Your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer isn’t too far away! It won’t be long before our small town is filled with boats, ATVs/UTVs, hikers, and more every weekend. And while I always try to protect my skin from the sun when we’re headed outdoors, I hate to admit that I don’t always take the time to think about protecting my eyes.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to protect your eyes during summer activities. A few extra steps, some quality sunglasses, and you’ll be set to enjoy the sunny days all season long without taking on too much damage from the UV rays!


Whether it’s in a pool, lake or the ocean – swimming is a fantastic exercise all year long! But it can do some major damage to your eyes. To prevent irritated eyes from salt water, chlorine, or debris – water tight goggles are key. It’s also helpful to remove contacts prior to jumping in the water as the space in between your contacts and eyes can trap particles or hold bacteria.

enjoying the beach

A day at the beach can do a tremendous amount of harm to your skin, but it can also do a lot of damage to your eyes, too! Cheap sunglasses that don’t block the UV rays, rubbing your eyes when you have sand on your hands or on your face, forgetting to apply sunscreen to your eye area, or skipping the sunglasses all together when it’s not as bright all do harm. Quality sunglasses, applying sunscreen around your eyes and a hat will shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Use a combination of the three (or even pair these options with an umbrella) for the best protection, even on cloudier days as the UV rays can still make their way through the clouds. Also, be sure to rinse your hands and face before wiping your eyes to prevent your eyes from being scratched from sand.


When you’re done at the beach or enjoying a swim, lounging around on a boat is a great way to enjoy the Summer days. Polarized sunglasses are the best option when it comes to boating as they reduce the glare of the sun off the water. This gives you a clearer view and will prevent you from squinting as often, putting much less strain on your eyes. Hats can also aid in shielding your eyes from the sun along with boat canopies.

utv/bike riding

Wraparound frames are your best option while enjoying the trails or taking your bike around the block. Not only do they help with peripheral vision, but they also prevent debris from getting into your eyes. These types of frames also prevent your eyes from drying out from the wind. Opting for wraparound sunglasses is another great option if you are riding when the sun is out.


Sport sunglasses are a great option for hiking or even camping. Most sport sunglasses come with nose grips that prevent them from sliding down even if you’re sweating. These tend to be lightweight and often have interchangeable lenses that are perfect for changing weather. Sport sunglasses, regular sunglasses or even regular glasses are crucial parts of preventing eye injuries from twigs, branches, dirt, sand and more while hiking.

Still not convinced taking care of your eyes is important? Head over to Think About Your Eyes and learn how important it is to take care of your eyes or take a look at this gifographic:

TAYE Gifographic_FINAL

If you’re unfamiliar with Think About Your Eyes, it’s a national public awareness campaign that is built around promoting the benefits of eye health. Recently Think About Your Eyes surveyed members of national fitness center chain Life Time Fitness, and found that some gym-goers neglect their eye health despite being very conscious of their body health and fitness. Eyes need regular care to maintain maximum performance just like all of our other muscles so getting an annual comprehensive eye exam is key!

Eye problems can be detected at their early stages when they’re the most treatable so it’s super important to get that annual eye exam. You can visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator to find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam.

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How do you protect your eyes during summer? What are some of your favorite Summer activities? Did the information from the gifographic and survey statistics make you realize the importance of eye care? How regularly do you visit an eye care professional? Have you been through anything that made you worry about you or your family’s eyes?