My Top Ten Bad (Or Weird) Habits

Ten Bad Habits

1.I have the worst case of radio station indecision. Even if a good song is on, I’ll most likely change the station to see if something better is on. There is always a chance that a song I like more is on another station so because I have to prove it by flipping through every single preset, I rarely listen to a song in full.

2. I can listen to a song on repeat for days on end – just that song and nothing more. And then eventually, I come to loathe it. Give it a few months and I can do it all over again.

3. My feet are always cold, but I rarely wear socks. I also hate shoes. I’d go barefoot everywhere if I could. This leads to my bare feet being on the dash of the car on long car rides and apparently per Nathan, he hopes he doesn’t get in a car crash and watch my feet go flying from the air bag.

4. I preplan out my last bite of food during every meal, snack, or dessert. I ALWAYS have to end on the best bite. And I’m terribly disappointed if I finish something before I know that I’m going to finish it (like eating the last chip and not realizing it was the last one.)

5. If a restaurant has a drive-thru, there’s about a 99% chance I won’t go into the restaurant and will only go through the drive-thru.

6. I prefer to sleep closest to the wall – doesn’t matter what side or where we are, I just prefer to be farthest away from the doorway.

7. I hate plain foods, but rarely use condiments. If I do, it’s just enough to taste it. This goes for ketchup, mayo, salsa, syrup, cream cheese, etc.

8. I rarely answer the phone unless I know who it is and what they want.

9. I feel like whenever we go to the movie theater, I have to have popcorn. If I don’t plan on buying it there, I will bring it with me. And vice versa – if I don’t bring it, there is something about the smell of the movie theater popcorn that makes it irresistible for me not to get. And I almost always eat popcorn with chocolate candy like m&ms or reese’s pieces.

10. I will almost always give up a spot on the bed or couch for our dogs or our cat. I don’t even think about it half the time, I swear. All of the sudden I’m moving so they can get comfy where I was sitting.

what are some of your bad or weird habits?