Life with a Newborn (+ Giveaway!)

Life with a Newborn

Towards the end of the pregnancy, I distinctly remember hearing two things:

  1. Enjoy the sleep while you can.
  2. Get ready for a hormonal rollercoaster.

That seemed to be the extent of the advice that people had for me. And I soaked it in. I heard the words, nodded my head and preplanned how life after birth was going to be.

Then labor happened. And it was nothing like what I expected which should have been the first sign that I was ill-prepared for what was ahead. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how sleep is the least of my worries. And how the hormonal rollercoaster that I was promised? Not here. I’m somehow one of the lucky ones that has a beautiful baby who actually sleeps 4+ hours at a time at night (most nights.) And I’m also one of the lucky ones that, although hormonal, feels pretty balanced and doesn’t have mood swings.

So this advice, as much as it was appreciated, didn’t help me as much as I’d expected. Because nothing prepared me for the hours that would simply disappear into thin air taking care of a newborn.

Lily and Sweatshirt

Life with her is pretty much the opposite of what I expected and for that, I am grateful. Nurturing her fills my day with joy and purpose, which is one of the reasons we chose clothing from Burt’s Bees Baby for her.

Burt’s Bees Baby offers parents a product line that aids in nurturing children with soft, natural products that are made from 100% organic cotton. Their clothing is soft, cozy, affordable and gentle enough for baby’s skin which helps ensure we’re nurturing Lily inside and out. This is so important to me, for the good times and especially the bad.

Burts Bees Pants

I had no idea how much time would be lost to breastfeeding. Or how difficult it would be after every single nurse that I saw at the hospital told me to do something different. (It wasn’t until the 3rd week of her life, YouTube videos, countless Google searches and lots of tears that I figured anything remotely helpful out.)  Or how much time would be spent trying to Indiana Jones style lay her down after I feed her so he wouldn’t wake up.

I had no idea that a shower would be so hard to take (or how amazing it would feel every single time.) Or that eating a meal cold would become a standard in our household. Or that going for a walk would feel like it took hours to prepare for.

I had no idea that getting poop on me would cease to rank in the top five grossest things I could handle. Or that my body’s healing would be so low on my priority list because of this little life in front of me. Or that endless crying in the early hours of the morning would make me question everything I’ve ever known.

Lily at 3 weeks

And while all of these things are true, it didn’t prepare me for the good times or the magical moments either.

I had no idea that she would feel like the single most important thing I had ever accomplished. Or that ensuring her happiness would outweigh anything I was going through. Or that something so small could bring me so much comfort even when I was in tears.

I had no idea that I would gain any sort of motherly instinct. Or time would move too quickly even if I was just watching the seconds tick by because I can’t imagine her being anything more than what she is now. Or that me time is non-existent and even though it bothers me some days, 9 out of 10 times – I couldn’t care less because I’d rather be with her, even at her worst.

I had no idea that the goals I had in mind for post birth wouldn’t remotely matter to me. Or that a napping baby in my arms may be the most relaxing thing in the world. Or that she would fill a void I didn’t even know I had in me.

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Let’s Chat!

Was life with newborn different for you than you expected? What things did you feel like you weren’t prepared for with a newborn? What is your favorite item from the Burt’s Bees Baby Fall collection?

3 weeks - Lily