If We Were Neighbors

If We Were Neighbors

If we were neighbors . . .

You’d probably see what I look like when I first wake up a lot because I like to open nearly every single shade we have  after I get up, even if it’s still pitch black outside. And there are some days that I don’t get fully dressed until lunch time.

You’d probably think I was a hermit that never has food as I rarely leave the house or our backyard that’s nearly surrounded by woods. The only time I leave, I feel like I’m pretty much always coming back with food.

You’d get bottles of alcohol from our international trips because we like to bribe our neighbors to watch our place when we leave and who doesn’t like duty free alcohol? But you’d always receive it from Nathan because I’m a hermit.

You’d probably think we were hoarders as we like to get things for free from the local junkyard/dump a lot. And when we go out of town, we always come back with a vehicle full of groceries and other things that we have to go into the city to get.

You’d see me photographing a lot of things in our driveway at all kinds of weird angles and different positions for the blog. I don’t just eat food in a carefully designed setting in my driveway and take photographs just for kicks, I swear.

You’d hear me and our dogs howl every single day in the Summer because I just like how easy it is to rile them up. Plus when shades go up, so do windows if the weather is right. And I like not having to worry about people placing a noise complaint when we’re just having fun.

You’d know that the no make-up look and comfy clothes is kind of my thing. I love living in a place where the standard attire is overalls or jeans, boots, and camo. It makes my leggings and yoga pants feel a little dressier than they should.

You’d realize that I’m not very likely to strike up a conversation because I’m a little bit shy, a lot of bit introverted and hello hermit again. But I’m more than happy to lend a hand whenever you need it.

You’d receive an endless amount of desserts because I love baking and don’t seem to understand the concept of halving a recipe. I’d prefer to share with you than my waistline.

And now I want to know –

what would it look like on your end if we were neighbors?