How to Prepare for Winter Travel

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast. All opinions are 100% mine.

Prepare for Winter travel with these easy guide. You'll help ensure that you stay safe and are prepared in the event that something doesn't go as planned! Winter is just around the corner and we’ve already had quite a few days where we woke up with fresh snow covering our vehicles and yard. Nothing’s stuck so far, but I know we’re not too far away from that shovel worthy snow. It’s absolutely beautiful here since we’re surrounded by trees, but it doesn’t help when it comes to traveling into the city or down to visit family. We’ve had to learn to be a little bit more proactive and have started taking time to learn how to prepare for winter travel every year. It’s not hard, but it does take a bit of time. I promise it’s worth it though! You’ll wish you would have prepared a bit more if you find yourself in trouble.

Get a checkup on your vehicle + replace necessary

Good tires and quality wiper blades are a must during the Winter, but have everything looked at. Antifreeze, oil, belts, hoses, washer fluid, lights, etc. Make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape so you don’t run into problems that could have been easily fixed with a trip to a mechanic (or even a quick fix at home!)

Keep a Winter emergency kit in every vehicle

We live out in the middle of nowhere so our trips into the city usually consist of dead zones for reception and a lack of residential homes. So if we have any issues, there’s a good chance we may be on our own for a bit. Winter emergency kits help make that time easier. Pack things like ice scrapers, mini shovel, sand, flares, first aid kid, small tool kit, candles and matches, flashlights, extra winter gear (hats, gloves, etc), blankets, water, and extra food. Jumper cables and a car charger for your phone are good options, too.


Check the weather

And don’t just check the weather where you are or where you’re headed. Check in between as well. An awesome, easy way to do this the Snowcast App. Snowcast lets you  see how many inches of snow will fall in your location now (within the next 6 hours), later in the day, or over the next 48 hours.  Not only that, but it provides NOAA winter weather warnings and advisories along with fast-loading, accurate radar.

One of the reasons I love Snowcast is because it’s so simple. Install and go – you’re all set without any complex setup like some apps! You’ll no longer be surprised by snow and you’ll be able to easily see if snow will put a wrench in your travel plans. Download the app.

And it’s not just for those who are traveling. Want to see if you’re going to have a snow day soon? Or maybe you want to see if your plans to head outdoors to go snowshoeing need to be rescheduled? Snowcast is perfect for these occasions, too. This is a must-have app for those that live in areas with average or above-average snowfalls like we do!

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Plan Your Route

Once you’ve checked the weather, plan your route accordingly. Make sure you know route alternatives just incase the weather changes or construction is ahead. Keep a map on hand or make sure your GPS has up-to-date maps. 

Prepare for Longer Trips

Winter driving can be much more stressful than Summer driving so staying hydrated, getting enough rest, and stopping frequently are great ways to fight fatigue. This also helps your alertness levels so you’re prepared for the unexpected on your journey.

As much as I miss the Summer sun and the days spent by the fire pit, I’m pretty excited for the snowy days where we can enjoy the beauty of it. I’d love to know: how do you prepare for Winter travel?

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