Embrace Spring Pet Messes with The Libman Company

This post is sponsored by The Libman Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

While spring is always a highly anticipated season in our home, it comes with a lot of mess. Especially with two dogs and an almost three year old.

Up until this year, I had no idea that little muddy footprints and paw prints would decorate our floor every day. We added Max to our family late last summer so his romps in the backyard were much less noticeable. And last spring, Lily was much less active so her addition to the mess was minimal as well.

But this year? I swear there is dirt everrrrywhere. No amount of cleaning paws and boots off at the door seems to prevent it from creeping into our home.

While vacuuming and sweeping help with the dry dirt, pine needles, pinecones, tiny rocks, and grass that are tracked into our home – it doesn’t help with the paw and boot print silhouettes imprinted on the floor after rainy days.

We’ve trusted The Libman Company for a while now with their brooms and kitchen cleaners. So when we looked for an option that would help us with cleaning the floor. And we found the Tornado Mop®.

The Libman Company Tornado Mop® has a larger mop head so it covers 50% more surface area helping us get the floor cleaner faster. Considering how helpful our pack of pups is with mopping, I’ve come to appreciate this SO much.

The Tornado Mop® is also made of polyester yarn that resists odor-causing bacteria making it a fantastic choice for the variety of floors we have in our home. And the three bands that prevent it from tangling make mopping much easier. No wonder the Tornado Mop® is America’s bestselling mop!

I’m grateful to have such a handy tool as part of our cleaning supplies as it lets me focus more on having fun and spending quality time with those that I love – furry or otherwise. Who really wants to be cleaning versus playing in the backyard and embracing the mess that follows?

If you’re looking for some other helpful tips for embracing the spring pet messes, use these tricks:

  • Damp rubber gloves (like the ones that Libman offers) are great for removing pet hair from upholstery. Just get some water on the gloves and run your fingers/hands along the furniture to keep up with the spring shedding.
  • Grab some sponges or scrubbers for your pups favorite hard toys. With a little bit of dish soap and some Libman scrubbers, you can get them looking like new again.
  • Use Libman’s angled broom for getting under cabinets, tight corners, and beds to get rid of those furry dust bunnies!

I know that mopping is one of my least favorite cleaning tasks, but The Libman Company has made it so much more tolerable. And they can help you do the same! By signing up for The Libman Company newsletter, there is a $3-off coupon available.