An Easy Way to Save for Your Little One’s Future

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With Nathan and I being self-employed, we like to put projects we take on for Hello Nature or Gnarly Whale into perspective before we say yes or no. A year or so ago, we’d look at how far $1000 would get us for a vacation or even something more practical like car or house payments. Now, we think about it in terms of diapers or something else baby related. It makes it easy to see if the money is worth our time, especially when it’s thinking of what we may need to buy for Lily.

But we also want to save for her future. We want to be able to more than afford what she needs right now. We want to be able to help her with things when she’s much older, including going to college (if that’s what she chooses.) Setting aside money for her in a savings account is a bit easier said than done sometimes though. 

So, we searched for a solid plan to ensure that she has money for the future. And we found Chime.


Chime offers an easy, new way of banking and managing money. It allows you to avoid fees, form healthy financial habits and save money at the same time with a Visa® Debit Card. Plus, you don’t even have to think about doing it.

With Chime, there are:

  • NO Monthly Fees
  • NO Minimums
  • NO Overdrafts


Awesome, right? Nobody should have to pay additional money just to save. Plus, the savings account can be managed entirely from your smartphone (iOS or Android) app which is my second favorite part of Chime. I love that the app notifies you of all transactions so managing your account is super easy. And the fact that I can easily track how much we’re saving for her with just the a few taps on the phone is great.

My absolute favorite thing about Chime though? Automatic savings. Every time you use your Chime card to pay a bill or make a purchase, the transaction amount is rounded to the nearest dollar. Then that money is transferred from your spending account to your savings account. How easy is that? It may only be a little bit at a time, but trust me – it doesn’t take long for it to add up.

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I used to always save my change when I used to use cash and throw it in a piggy bank. Then, when it was time for a vacation or some other fun activity, I’d empty it. Since I don’t really carry cash anymore, that stopped. But Chime brought it back again in a way that is much more conducive to me actually saving! 

Now that we have automatic savings set up, we are regularly saving for Lily’s future without even having to think about setting money aside for her. We’ll always set aside extra when we can, but knowing that the cents are adding up behind the scenes makes me feel more at ease.

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How do you save for your little one’s future? What would you save for with a savings account and automatic savings with Chime?