My Coffee Routine #CrushTheCups

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Most people don’t know this about me, but I am a morning person to the core. I can wake up before the sun rises and I’m bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the day within a matter of minutes. I have a love-hate relationship with myself in that area because while I’m not in beast mode when I wake up, I’m usually ready for my pillow by 8pm.

But because mornings are definitely my thing, I rarely (if ever) rely on coffee to wake me up. Which means that when I do go for a cup, usually a few times a week, I want something delicious. I’m going for taste and aroma, not just something to get my eyes to focus on the computer screen before 8am.

Cameron's Handcrafted Coffee

So a couple of times a week, I turn the Keurig on and pop a cup in while I’m getting ready for work. By the time it’s done, I’m headed into our office to check emails or work on social media for the week. On these days, I usually enjoy my breakfast with it and spend the first half-hour to hour easing into my day while I’m enjoying my coffee. Perfect for those days where I’m just not feeling work or have a long day ahead of me.

Since this is one of my favorite moments in the week, I’m kinda really picky about the coffee we get. And since I love variety and didn’t want to get bored with a bag of coffee that needs to be consumed by a certain date in order for it to stay fresh, we got a Keurig. I love having so many options when I’m in the mood for a cup of coffee. Even more so, I’m excited to add another brand to my regular rotation: Cameron’s Coffee.

I was lucky enough to try a box of their coffee for free, but I’m a diehard fan after one cup. They combined the best of Keurigs and regular coffee pots into a tiny, delectable makes-me-want-to-eat-it package. 

A little about Cameron’s Delicious Handcrafted Coffee

Cameron’s Coffee offers coffee drinkers the choice to still have the convenience of single serve coffee, but brew their coffee through a coffee filter, instead of a plastic cup. Cameron’s Handcrafted Coffee Filtered Single Serve is available in 12 premium flavors, and made of 100% Arabica Coffee. Cameron’s Filtered Single Serve are sold in packages of 12 for the suggested retail price of $7.99. 

Cameron’s Coffee Cups features include:

  • Soft-bottom filter instead of a plastic cup
  • BPA free and polystyrene free 
  • Less plastic waste 
  • No plastic taste 

Cameron's Coffee Cups

 With the flavors they offer, you can’t go wrong! And even if you’re a little bit unsure, you can score a free box of their coffee to test out below.

#CrushTheCups Campaign

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We totally crushed it.

I highly recommend you give Cameron’s Coffee a shot – they make my coffee routine so much more enjoyable and I cannot wait to try out their other flavors!

what’s your coffee routine?