#WhyILove Valentine’s Day This Year

At the end of last year, I set 100 goals for myself for this year. One of them was to celebrate all major holidays. We’ve been horrible when it comes to doing that at times. It’s always so easy to say we’ll celebrate, but even easier to get too busy to actually follow through.

We’re nearing a month and a half into the year and I’m proud to say that so far, I’m meeting that goal.

But Valentine’s Day looks like it will be the best holiday yet.  When we scheduled our trip to Florida, we had to plan it over Valentine’s Day as it was the earliest we could take Lily after her six month appointment. We had no plans other than to make plans when we were down here.

It took us less than 24 hours to make plans for this special holiday. It’ll be a beach day for us, with Lily and Sookie. We plan to indulge in some good food, sweet treats and relax on the sand until the sun sets. Simple, but perfect.

This is #WhyILove Valentine’s Day this year.

But I also love it because we get to spend a portion of the day with the family we’re staying with. And to show our appreciation for the hospitality, we sent my Grandma some flowers from 1800Flowers.com before we came down. Having a place to stay down in Florida while we visited meant the world to us, so we’ve been doing anything we can to show our thanks. This beautiful bouquet from 1800Flowers.com was one of those ways.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful yet convenient gift, 1800Flowers.com is the PERFECT option! Valentine’s Day or not, it’s such a beautiful way to say you care. Lucky for you, if you go through this link you can save 20% off, too!

This Valentine’s Day, I’m counting all of the reasons #WhyILove the family I get to celebrate this sweet holiday with.

I want to know why you love Valentine’s Day and what your favorite bouquet from 1800Flowers.com is!