Wednesday Wish List: A Polaris RZR

Wednesday Wish List

If I had a ton of money lying around, I would never have the problem of not knowing what to do with it. I always have new adventures I’d love to go on, somewhere new I’d love to visit, or something new I’d like to own or do. But since I don’t have that that massive pile of cash, I thought I’d indulge in my fantasies a little bit with something I wish I had each week.



A UTV – specifically the Polaris RZR.

It’s crazy how badly I want one of these bad boys since moving up here.

At first, it was kind of like “sure, that seems cool.” And then Nathan talked about it more and filled me in on the price and we’re like “well, maybe some day after all of these other plans and projects pan out.” And then we saw a ton around town (AKA: the road along our backyard) and we’re like “we need one NOW.”

I am SO jealous every time I see one cruise down the road. The trails are literally across the street from us which makes it even harder to resist. There are some truly gorgeous trails along lakes and through the forest around here that I would love to be able to go on. Especially this week since the weather is finally regularly in the 60s!

We talked about an ATV which is much cheaper, but we went on a “dune buggy” trip in Jamaica on our honeymoon and had such a great time. (They called it a dune buggy, but it was most definitely a UTV. Either way – A BLAST!) I’d much rather have the front view of a roller coaster so I’d definitely prefer to have this over having to ride on the back of an ATV. Leaving us with one option for a UTV that’s small enough for the trails around here: the Polaris RZR.

When I somehow stumble upon $15k just lying around, this will be mine.

What’s something on your wish list – big or small?

Do you have any experience with ATVs or UTVs? I’d love to hear about it!