Music Videos That Give Songs New Meanings

Music Videos That Give Songs New Meanings

I’m a big music nerd. I don’t know that there is a day that goes by without me listening to something (usually on repeat.) Even more so, I love to watch music videos for songs because they usually totally alter the way I hear the song. Sometimes I’m like “holy crap, I didn’t even think of it in that way.” And then other times, I’m like “What the hell did I just watch? This song is not supposed to be that weird.”

So I thought I’d share some of my top picks from this week. I apologize in advance for the tears and the weirdness.

The saddest video that made the song even more sad

I’ve loved Say Something forever, but it got so much more sad when it was in The Fault In Our Stars. And somehow, the music video managed to make it even. more. sad. I didn’t know that was even possible!

The best video I’ve been pushing off watching

I can’t help but love the new Taylor Swift song to the point that I’m contemplating giving the CD a shot. Regardless, I think the video for the song made it even better.

The weirdest video that I kind of wish I could unsee

When Jim Carrey hosted SNL, they did a skit for Chandelier and I thought it was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Until I saw the video for the song and realized that their interpretation of it on the show was normal compared to the video.

The creepiest video for a song I really like

I don’t know what I imagined this video was going to be like, but this was not it.

The video I watched just because Sir Ian McKellan was in it

I don’t think there are any other words needed, right?

I’d love your suggestions of music videos to watch in the comments, too!