Herb Growing With An AeroGarden




One of our Black Friday purchases this year was an AeroGarden despite the fact we were positive it couldn’t live up to the hype.

We got it a week before Black Friday and this is where our “little” herbs are as of today. We haven’t started using them yet, but they are literally growing like weeds. Every day they get a little bit taller and pretty soon we’re going to have to raise the lights since the chives are getting super tall. Our basil and chives were the first ones to sprout and have grown to be the biggest ones so far, but everything that came with the initial grow kit is growing.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that the maintenance on this thing is SUPER easy. We’ve changed the water and added nutrients one time since the initial set-up. So pretty much every two weeks, you have to “reset” it with new water and nutrients. So 5 minutes every other week outside of the actual harvesting of the herbs and you’re done. I’m pretty sure anyone can handle that.

Once we finish out these little pods, I’m excited to try tomatoes or peppers or even flowers. Until we have our own place where we can have a real outside garden – and probably even after because this thing is SO easy to use – I’m really excited to have fresh herbs all-year long.

Do you have an AeroGarden? Or do you grow plants year-round without an AeroGarden?

What are your favorite things to grow in it?