Five Reasons To Compost

5 Reasons To Compost

One thing I was really excited about when we bought our new house was having the land and ability to compost. I absolutely HATE having waste (which is why I’m the world’s worst dieter because I will finish any plate, even if I’m “too full for another bite”) so this has always been right up my alley. As much as I was excited to be able to do it, I really had no idea that it was such a beneficial act for so many reasons. I knew it helped the natural decaying process, but that was about it. 

For those that haven’t taken the plunge yet, here’s five reasons why you might consider composting.

  1. The more you can keep out of the landfill, the smaller the landfill will be. And the smaller the landfill, the longer it will be until a new one needs to be built.
  2. Less methane gas emissions. Items left in landfills are unable to receive the oxygen needed to help with the decaying process. By composting, you allow the items you’re discarding to fully decay naturally.
  3. It makes free fertilizer. If you’re considering having a garden or even potted plants, you might as well help your plants grow for free.
  4. It’s more natural. Nature does not thrive on waste so by composting your waste, you’re giving back natural nutrients that help sustain various life forms from birds to bacteria to insects and more. 
  5. It’s easy. It doesn’t take up much of your time or even your land, depending on how in depth you’d like to go with your compost heap. There are plenty of self-contained systems for those who aren’t fond of a compost pile in their backyard as well.

Fingers crossed it stops snowing (considering it’s snowing as I type this) soon so we can finally get our pile started!

Convinced that you need to start a compost bin or pile? Learn what can be composted so you can start right away!

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