Big Changes

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I know that this blog hasn’t been around that long, but there was a reason that I switched to a brand new blog last year. A big reason. But our life has been so chaotic and crazy that I haven’t even come close to figuring out a way to make that reason a reality until now.

It’s still chaotic. It’s still crazy. In most ways, even more so than it was before. But something I’ve come to love and hate about myself is my inability to wait for things to happen. I wanted to work from home, so I did it. I took a flying leap into the abyss of self-employment and even though I was more than a little lost in the beginning, I did it. I wanted our business to be enough to financially support our family and Nathan, and we made it happen. It was hard, scary and absolutely the most insane thing we have ever done together. But we did it. And while there are plenty of other self-employment goals I’m anxiously awaiting to fulfill, I’m ready to bring my blog dreams to the forefront.

I’ve wanted Hello Nature to be this well-rounded, balanced blog about all of the things I see the most beauty in when I’m truly living life for a long time. The things that make me feel whole and fill me with gratitude that cannot be contained. The great outdoors, self-sufficiency, mindful living, emotional and physical health, all of the beautiful little things in life that are always there if you just look hard enough and making meaningful connects with likeminded individuals. I’ve worked some of it into the blog, but it never felt complete.

Until recently, I didn’t quite understand why that was. I didn’t know how to fill the void and make my dream come true and then it hit me: I wanted to find a way to learn those things from others, share with those things with others, and not have to search dozens of places to do those things. Which is where the big changes come in.

While I don’t have every last detail sorted out yet, I do have a few:


I’m adding Contributors to the blog! I can’t even begin to put my excitement into words, but I cannot wait for this addition. If you’re interested in applying, you can find the post with more information on it in this blog post.

New Content:

With the addition of the Contributors and my plan to add in more of the content that I’ve been wanting to (and just haven’t had the time to) – there will be a TON of new topics shared on here. All of the current topics will stay – I’ll just be adding to it. Some of the additional topics will include: outdoor tips, DIY/tutorials, canning, and self-sufficient living.

New Design:

This one already happened, so if you haven’t clicked over to see the new design yet – please do! I have a few more changes to make to it, but I’m in love with it and it was the first step to transforming the blog.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you have a fantastic week!