Benefits of Honey

The Benefits of Honey

The Benefits of Honey

In my journey to become more self-sufficient, I knew I had to learn the benefits of using honey. I’ve heard about how great it is for SO long, but I had no idea as to why it was so wonderful. It has so many great properties, but I thought I’d share my top benefits of honey below.

Soothe Coughs

Coating your throat with honey aids in soothing a sore throat and decreasing your likelihood to continue coughing. You can take honey straight (generally 1-2 tsp), or dissolve it in a glass of warm water or tea. Have a cold? Do this 30 minutes before you’d like to sleep and it will aid in getting a better night’s sleep.

Soothe Burns

Honey can be used to treat burns directly by applying a thin layer to the burn. It should help relieve the burning feeling and, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, aid in healing. 

Aid in Healing

Not only does honey have anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This makes it perfect to apply to infections and wounds to help reduce healing time and decrease swelling.

Relieve Dry Skin

If you haven’t noticed, honey is incredibly soothing for many things and we’re just going to keep adding to that list. Honey is a great way to help relieve dry skin, especially over the Winter months. For a quick, easy salve for dry, itchy skin: dilute the honey in water (10 parts honey to 1 part water ratio) and smooth over dry skin (scalp included.) Leave on for as long as you’re able (up to a 2 hours) and rinse off. Repeat as often as you’d like.

Honey has also been said to boost memory, help fuel workouts, aid in preventing certain diseases and disorders, alleviate allergy symptoms and more. It’s super handy to have on hand in your natural first aid kit because of it’s varied uses!

do you use honey outside of the kitchen?

if so, what’s your favorite purpose?

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