Date Night In: A (Food) Trip Down Memory Lane

This post is sponsored by Vanguard but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You know how everyone tells you life changes when you have a kid while you’re pregnant? And you’re like “Yeah, of course it does.” But inside you’re thinking duh, but really… it doesn’t change that much, right?

Maybe it was just me. But I didn’t realize just how little time (and money) we’d have for things that we were accustomed to. I also didn’t realize how little I’d want some of those things once she was here.

We used to travel so much and while she isn’t the only thing that’s affected when or where we travel, she’s a big part. Not even just because she’s here and it’s haaaaard to travel with a toddler some most days, but more so because we changed. Her birth changed us in ways that I would never have expected, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The things we want to do or see are so different now. But there are some things that I miss from the “good old days” – you know, the ones where I wasn’t tired at 6pm and my life revolved around anything other than snacks, boogers, and kids songs that stick with me for days.

The weird things we’d stumble upon in our travels and the conversations we’d have about life and work along the way. I miss those a ton. But the one thing I really miss though? The food memories.

It sounds a little ridiculous, but we have had some amazing meals on our travels! Stuffed shrimp from Key West, cheesecake from New York, fried tofu from Los Angelas, and deep dish pizza from Chicago are some of my absolute favorites. For most of these mouthwatering moments, I can picture them like they were yesterday.

To be honest, I kind of wish any of them were yesterday so there’d be a chance at leftovers.

So from time to time, we try to recreate our favorites. We’ve made cheesecake and some of our favorite all-inclusive drinks. We’ve fried tofu and have prepared delicious seafood dishes. But we could never master the pizza.

There’s something so special about Chicago deep dish pizza. Specifically, Pizano’s deep dish pizza. We tried it during our pizza tour in Chicago and I have never had deep dish pizza that was this good. It’s like deep dish with a thin crust. It skips all the extra unnecessary dough and it is to die for! The salty cheese and the patty sausage – YUM!

But it’s impossible for us to recreate.

So we were thrilled to find out that our absolute favorite pizza (deep dish or otherwise) was available to be shipped. To our doorstep. No need to travel to get it. No need to get out of pajamas. No need to pack up the whole family and deal with traffic.

Just good food, dropped on my doorstep, ready for the perfect date night after Lily goes to sleep. It means more time for us and that time is so important. It’s a rarity here, but when we do get those moments alone, I’d rather not spend the night in the kitchen when we could be relaxing together.

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This post is sponsored by Vanguard, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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