20 Unique Kids Valentines That Are Candy Free

Make your kids forget all about the sugar they’re craving this Valentine’s Day with these unique kids valentines that are candy free!

Make your kids forget all about the sugar they're craving this Valentine's Day with these unique kids valentines that are candy free!

As a kid, I loved going to the store to pick out the valentines I would be handing out in school. I always had such a hard time narrowing it down to just one though – there were SO many options! And I was always so bummed when someone else chose the same ones.

Also, I’m a sucker for candy. I have a major sweet tooth. And this time of year is the second best time of the year to snag some of my favorite mini candy bars on sale. (Halloween always has better discounts!)

But… I love finding a way to celebrate without the sugar high as well. This holiday is all about giving and showing love. And I want to teach Lily how to do that with and without the sweets.

So we’re making some unique kids valentines this year and we’re specifically targeting non-candy valentines. These DIYs are super fun and they’re great ways to make your kids forget all about the missing chocolate.

Unique Kids Valentines That are Candy Free

  1. Heart Stamper Non-Candy Valentine with Printable – I Heart Crafty Things
  2. Kinetic Sand Valentine – Smart School House
  3. You Rock Valentine + Printable – Busy Being Jennifer
  4. Printable Valentine: Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day – My Frugal Adventures
  5. Rainbow Loom Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable – The Suburban Mom
  6. Printable Punch Balloon Valentines – Paintbrushes & Popsicles
  7. Owl Valentine Printable – Crafting Chicks
  8. “I’m Donuts for You!” FREE Printable Valentines – B Inspired Mama
  9. Play-Doh Valentine Free Printable – Grace and Good Eats
  10. A-MAZE-ing Sensory Friendly Valentine Printable – Lemon Lime Adventures
  11. Free Valentines Day Printable – You Make My Heart Pop – Love Stitched
  12. You’re Totally AwesomeSauce – Cute Kids Valentine with Free Printable – The Search for Imperfection
  13. “You are the ‘Write’ Kind of Friend” Shuttle Pen Valentines – I Can Teach My Child!
  14. Watercolor Gift Tags – Smart Schoolhouse
  15. Printable Monster Non-Candy Valentines – Lemon Lime Adventures
  16. “DINO-MITE” Valentines – Hello Design Meet Life
  17. You Knock My “SOCKS” Off Valentine with Free Printable – The Crafting Chicks
  18. Printable Slinky Valentine – Thrity Handmade Days
  19. I’ve Got my Eyes on You Valentine + FREE Valentines Printables – B Inspired Mama
  20. “You Make Me Really Slappy!” Valentine – What MomsLove

Need more Valentine’s Day inspiration? Check out these Valentine’s Day crafts for your home!

What are your favorite unique kid valentine ideas (candy free or not)?