Summarize Your Fall

Summerize Your Fall Wardrobe

Summerize Your Fall

So, now that’s October, that means Fall is upon us, yes? Well, maybe if you don’t live in Texas like I do, it is! We’re still suffering through 90 degree days. That doesn’t mean I can’t think about fall, though. I’m craving that one week where it’s cool and chilly at night and nice and perfect during the day.

How many of y’all always put your summer clothes away for fall and winter? Leave them in boxes for months and months or in the back of your closet, banished until the sun comes out all day long? Well, I’m here to change that. I’ve got three layering tips to help you keep your summer clothes around for at least fall.

1. Layer Those Shirts

As a college student, most days are spent in t-shirts because I’m just too busy to worry about looking nice all day long. If it’s a little chilly, throw a long sleeved shirt underneath or stick a sweatshirt on over it. This helps keep you comfortable inside and out.

2. Cardigans

So, this kind of goes into number one, but if you’re wearing a nice blouse of even a dress, cardigans are like mini sweaters and they’re cute and professional at the same time! They’re great when it’s a little cool but not cold enough to bust out the giant snow jacket. 

3. Tights

Back on the dresses, tights help keep your legs warm. Also, if you’re like me and don’t tan at all during the summer (hello freckles), this will allow you to show off your legs you’ve been hiding in blue jeans all year without making it too obvious that your legs are as while as can be. Or, if tights aren’t your thing (they definitely aren’t mine), you can always throw on some jeans under the dress. 

Bonus tip: Scarves

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like adding a scarf to almost any outfit just makes it feel a little bit more fall-like. 

What are some of your tips for making your summer clothes work for the fall months? 

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