Happy Valentine’s Day!


For Those Who Celebrate: I hope your day is filled with genuine love and care for and from that special someone. I hope you fall asleep knowing just how lucky you are to have found that person that you like or love so dear. But most of all, I hope you are able to recreate the wonderful moments of the day on some random day in a different month for no reason other than just because you can. I believe love is worth showing 365 days a year, so I hope that today is just one small example of how much you love that wonderful person in your life.

For Those That Don’t Celebrate But Wish They Did: I hope you know that today is not a defining moment for you. It’s just another day, very similar to yesterday and tomorrow, and it doesn’t change how special you are. Whether you lost the one you were hoping to tell “Happy Valentine’s Day” today or maybe you didn’t even have that someone to lose just yet, today does not show the world who you are. I hope you know that someone loves you. Someone appreciates you. Someone cares about you. It may not be in the crazy, stupid love kind of way, but it’s true. I hope you smile at least one time today, knowing that this isn’t it. There is more, I promise.

For Those That Think Today Is a Crappy Hallmark Holiday: Try to get through today, knowing that tomorrow life will mostly go back to normal. And then enjoy the cheap chocolate and ridiculous gifts that go on sale in a few days. I know I will!

But no matter what you’re doing, celebrating, or not celebrating . . .

I hope you have a wonderful day!