52 Ways to Have a Good Day – #3: Laugh

52 Ways to Have a Good Day 3 Laugh

I almost forgot about this series, but I’m super excited to bring it back!

My one New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is pretty simple: have more good days.

I don’t have bad days on a regular basis, but I don’t necessarily have good days either. The days where I go to bed feeling accomplished, proud, and balanced are few and far between. I want to celebrate this year by enjoying as many days as I can – even when it feels like mission impossible.

So each week, I’ll be sharing one of 52 Ways to have a Good Day – or maybe even a great one. Read the rest of the series here.

#3: Laugh


How many times do you laugh during an average day?

I can’t tell you how many times I do and unfortunately, it’s not because I have too many to count. I don’t make time for these memorable, light-hearted joy-filled moments during an average day. Sure, I laugh at TV shows or funny pictures  – but real, bellyaching laughter that fills my eyes with tears?

Not nearly often enough.

Yet those moments make tough days easier to handle. Those moments make good days into better days. Those moments truly last a lifetime.

I know that those tear-inducing blissful moments exist on a regular basis and I know that I can even create them. I just have to make time for them. I just have to embrace them when I’m in that moment instead of pushing them aside because I’m “too busy” to have fun.

So my goal is make time. Embrace moments. And laugh until I cry on a daily basis. 

What makes you laugh on a regular basis?