The Tea Tag

The Tea Tag

Last week, I shared my coffee routine with you, but I’m a much bigger tea drinker and my friend Samantha tagged me in her Tea Tag so I thought I’d shared this, too! If you’re an avid tea drinker, feel free to post it yourself or share some of your favorite kinds in the comments!

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1. What was the first kind of tea you ever had?
My guess is just plain, black tea – nothing fancy. I wasn’t much of a tea drinker until I graduated high school other than at some of my favorite Chinese restaurants.

2. Where is the best place to have tea – at home or in a coffee shop?
Always at home. I enjoy coffee shops, but I am SO much more of a homebody. And I’m a big fan of having a big mug of tea while I’m in my comfiest clothes, curled up under a blanket.

3. Do you prefer hot tea or cold tea?
Both! Iced tea, hot tea, flavored tea, plain tea – I’m an equal opportunity lover of all teas. My favorites are those that are good both hot and cold (like black, or fruit flavored ones.) But I definitely go for iced tea during the warmer months and hot tea during the cooler months.

4. When do you drink tea – morning, afternoon, evening?
Usually in the morning or evening during the Winter, all day long during the Summer.

5. What is your go-to tea?
Probably Lipton White Tea Mango Peach Tea. I’ve loved this tea for SO long. It’s a year-round tea for me, enjoyed both hot and cold, so it’s always in my pantry. Another favorite is the Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea. Or pretty much any Teavana tea makes me happy.

6. What is your favorite seasonal tea?
Any Peppermint tea wins. Or Chai Tea – yum!

7. What do you put in your tea?
Absolutely nothing. No sugar, no cream, no milk – just plain. The only exception is some of Teavana’s teas that I add a little bit of rock sugar to – SO GOOD!

8. Do you prefer your tea strong or weak?
Strong. Bring on the flavor!

9. How did you get started in the wonderful world of teas?
No clue. I was never fond of coffee until the past few years, and even then – it’s not my go-to drink of choice. So I think tea was just the best option for me whenever I went to a coffee shop. I’m also not much of a soda drinker so tea is usually my go-to drink at restaurants, especially if it’s freshly brewed.

10. What kind of tea are you most keen to try?
Anything, really. I’m not picky! Well, unless it’s green tea – then I’m against trying anything of the sort.

11. What is the worst tea you’ve ever tasted?
Every green tea ever. Can you tell I hate green tea?

12. Do you prefer loose leaf tea or teabags?
Both, depending on my mood. Loose leaf tea is great if you want to make something a little stronger or create a really unique flavor, but teabags are so much easier.

13. Teacup or Mug?
Mug all the way. Big mugs, especially.

14. Best nighttime tea?
I mentioned it earlier, but the Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea is my all-time favorite nighttime tea. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

15. What is the number one tea you would recommend to others?
Besides the two I mentioned above, I’d recommend this from Teavana: Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Tea Blend. They suggested it the first time we went in there and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.

what are your favorite teas?

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